Thursday, January 22, 2009


NakedKnitting, a project to make a nude goodwill calendar for an under-funded hospital. 100% of sales profits will go to that charity. (There's scant information there yet. Maybe it's a bit premature to link to it, but it's a project by my friends Vicky and Laurie Jeffery.)


Rosley said...

Really great idea for a good reason.

Jaguar XKE

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks for posting this.
Although there's not much there just yet, like all things knitted, it will grow with the passing of time.
All the best,

Alex said...

Ever since the WI did their calendar...

Still, better to have real, honest nudes for charity, than silly silicone bikinis for profit.

Naked Knitting reminds me of the excellent book and film of "Com Agua Para Chocolat" (Like Water for Chocolate). Though I believe that blanket she made was crocheted.

Anonymous said...

Did nobody think of knitting themselves a sweater? ;)

Hope this project is a huge success for the hospital.

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