Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Find a color

Pretty cool, and must have a use: find photos of a certain color.
If you click on more colors, it combines them.
Using the same colour more than once increases its prominence in your search results.
(Click a picture to see it in Flickr.)

... Hey, I just thought of a use: to find ideas for paintings! I often start with colors I want to use. So in the example below, I felt like making a painting using brown, red, and beige. So I can find a composition to be inspired by. (Obviously not plagiarizing a photo.)

Oooh, another use: a designer wants a picture to match the colors in a web page or magazine page. He can find one here, and then offer to buy use of it.


Cristina Rodríguez said...

Nice! To me it's even enough to see collages like that, I could spend hours looking at those.

Alex said...

I remember using Googles image search and seeing the option for color. I clicked on it expecting to be asked for a color, then I read a little further on and saw it meant as opposed to B&W.

Glad to see someone has done it.

The examples seem to be dominant in the color, If I wanted a pillar box, of phone kiosk I'd put in red, but not consider the color for the background, and get disappointing results.

Alex said...

Finally I hit a certain "pink" and was given a phone box, a pillar box, London bus and 1930's GPO van.


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Funny, the paleness of the color you found there.

Probably easier to use keywords for specific items like phone booths.


Gail said...

This is marvelous - thanks E!
Gail xo