Saturday, May 24, 2008

Internet movie watching forges ahead

Internet movie watching forges ahead.
Why is it only the US which gets fantastic deals like this?


KabelYaache said...

It's us (in the US) that create the technology and plan, design, test, succeed, fail in all the technology that makes it happen. If you have the best plastic pail and shovel, you get to play in the sandbox.

Anonymous said...

In the U.S. maybe, but don't use the word "us" because you are attempting to leech off the achievements of others. You're trying to say "I'm American too, and by way of some chance of birth I deserve to take credit for the achievements of other Americans."

A lot of people do this. Croatians and Americans alike would probably try to take credit for the inventions of Nikola Tesla if anyone these days knew who he was.

Alex said...

On hearing the old song "Tesla Girls" by OMD a friend declared "it doesn't make sense, what are Weber per meter squared girls anyway".

I love the use of Tesla coils in the FX for the awakeing of Hel in Rotwangs laboratory. Great scene, wonderfully creative special FX.

There is actually a Tesla coil in one of our local electronics stores.

As for "us (in the US)", I'd claim that for being in the locale and industry. A lot of the innovation and architecture is here, we are still offloading a lot of the "grunt" work to place like Russia and India.

By "here", we should probably narrow it down to the few technology centers around Sunnyvale/San Jose, Portland, Austin and San Diego. That is pretty much West Coast and Texas.

Of course, a lot of the stuff worked on here was also based on platforms out of Cambridge (Arm). That is Cambridge, on the river Cam in the west country, not Combridge Mass in the US.

Anyway, that ain't what we are here to discuss.

eolake said...

Kabel, LOL. You may have a point there.