Friday, May 23, 2008

Speedy iPod delivery

My old iPod (first generation which played video) has almost run out of space, and I decided to get a new Classic iPod. So I went to the online Apple Store UK and ordered one, including getting my email address engraved on the back. This was less than 24 hours ago, and here is the machine on my table. Man, that's fast service!

I wonder, though, why Apple still insists on the high-gloss backside on the iPods. Sure, it looks gorgeous when it's pristine, but it only stays pristine until after you've held it once.


kronostar said...

So will you still be using your old 30 gig or 60 gig ipod anymore or will you simply upload everything that was on it to the new classic and then still have some room to spare with the new ipod? I know some people whose ipod batteries have died use them in their home stereo or car.
Also how is the classic for your long audiobook title needs?;)

eolake said...

They all suck in the long-title department, sadly.

I dunno what I'll do with the old 60GB one.

Joe Dick said...

You could send it to me.
ha ha ha

Michael Burton said...

Wait -- you've touched it with your bare hands?

The iPod is a work of art! Don't you know you're supposed to get a supply of those white museum gloves before handling one?

I'll bet you're even the type who even sticks the earbuds in your ears. Gross!

Hannah said...

Heh. And I thought it was a promotional picture at first. :)

kronostar said...

Could have been a promo pic since it isn't using the UK "localisation" by using the British -ise ending instead of the American -ize ending for the word synchronize.

kronostar said...

Because my link was too long for blogger.

Alex said...

Nice to have such a long list of trans-Atlantic differences, and still miss a few.

Learnt v's learned
leapt v's leaped

encyclopædia is not included in the list either.

aeroplane was omitted, and the older spelling of 'bus, as in mass transit, was missing.

I must say I like some of the localization, like trashcan v's wastebasket. I was surprised to see Ubuntu offered almost all British languages. Can you get iPods in Welsh?

Joe Dick said...

According to the Oxford dictionary people, the British are supposed to use -ize too (and according to Inspector Morse as well).

Alex said...

Yeah, and we ain't meant to use words like mun,and bain't and giz either, but we do, and often.

Example of the use of the word diesel in British.

Bloke walks into a jean bar, an' as a quick dekko. He finds a natty pair o' black un's. See's them is 'is size, and sez to bint o' back a counter, "diesel do".

eolake said...

You're very kind, but this was just a quick snap with my great little Canon pocketcam. I love that it can take pin-sharp pictures hand-held indoors, due to anti-shake and deep depth-of-field (because of the small sensor).

Monsieur Beep said...

My finepix Z10 also can!!
I made razorsharp macro image of my nice wee tootsies!!

Ounces and pounces, feet and yards - this language is a bit doolally intit?


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Man, that's one nice wooden table you've got there.

eolake said...

Thank you. I've bought quality furniture over the past few years. One might as well spend a few hundred more on a table which one might have for twenty years.

eolake said...

This is my computer desk, by the way.