Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aimee Allen

I've lost interest in politics, but this anthem has cute girls and a rocking melody, quite different fare from what you normally see in stuffy politics.


ttl said...

You don't like politics? But just as American fiction has become totally boring, with predictable plots and shallow themes, American fact is now strange entertainment.

Take this recent story for example. It reads like an action thriller beating the best of movie scripts.

And as Aimee Allen has just shown, beautiful girls are involved too!

Finally, here's a photo of two of the villains walking hand in hand to the sunset.

You can't make this stuff up. And best of all, it's a series with many more episodes to come!

Will the mad Bush and his cabal succumb the nation under martial law, or will the good Doctor and his faithful followers manage to thwart this sinister plot? Stay tuned, we may soon find out.

Monsieur Beep said...

The politicians suck, not politics, I'd rather put it that way. It's a shame.
I hate the election campaign principle, which blocks a lot of decision-making, which is as if fish would swim in thick water. Struggling and struggling and getting nowhere.
But even so we are living in a period of uttermost well-being, due to freedom, and maybe democracy.
So there are some advantages.
Has there ever been a good dictator? Louis quatorze peut-etre?
And: American is a generalization, just as European doesn't refer to a special state.
So American doesn't mean Argentine.
(I know you meant well, ttl).

Anonymous said...

Out with them all, I say. The only good government is the government that doesn't exist. I'll listen to their, "we carry out the people's will!" nonsense when they stop committing the criminal acts they're supposed to protect us from.

Monsieur Beep said...

No no Eric, we need a government, but one not necessarily based on people's will, because their will isn't always based on knowledge, and because you follow the will of a majority doesn't mean that the majority is right.
Would a market-like government serve us better? Good results - high wages, bad results - thrown them "rulers" out.
In any case a government should base their decisions on science and sound economical facts.
A good dictator could do the job - but the bad guys always seem to stand first in the queue...(Adolf, Saddam, etc), so let's just stick to our good old democracy for a while.

PS/ I'm very happy to live in Europe, I need to add.


Anonymous said...

The problem is government is almost always used to tyrannical ends. Government is this world is concerned with two things: maintaining its power and sustaining its existence. It doesn't do anything for the people they could not do for themselves. It's a parental figure that cuts off its child's legs so the child will always be dependent on it.

It wouldn't be a good thing if government vanished overnight. No, humanity would need to be a lot more mature, unless that's exactly what we'd need to spark that growth. Regardless we need more maturity and more personal responsibility. With or without government we can't survive very long (at least not as we currently live) if we can't let go of petty grievances.