Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I love this song.

Original Sandy Posey version.

The Tracy Ullman hit version.

Tracy Ullman 12-inch version (very different).

By the way, the last one I couldn't find as music file, so I saved the YouTube video via KeepVid. The site gives you an option of downloading it as "MP4 - High Quality". I did, and what's weird is that my downloaded MP4 version seems to have a better sound quality than the one I play on YouTube. How is this possible?


Anonymous said...

Interesting song, one I haven't heard before. I can't listen to the Tracy Ullman versions without thinking about Phil Spector and the groups he produced like the Ronettes. But I don't think Sandy Posey ever recorded for him.

In some ways the newer versions sound more like the 1960's than the actual sixties version.

eolake said...

Yes, the newer versions are clearly produced to be as much "sixties" and "teenybob" as possible.

KabelYaache said...

The Tracy Ullman version is very 'ABBA-esq' - so that might be why you love the song.