Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Front Fell Off!

It's not real as circulating emails claim, but still very funny.
By John Clarke and Brian Dawe.


Ken said...

Yes, they are a couple of comedians from Australia (John Clarke was originally New Zealand, don't know about the other guy) and they produce one of these a week. Some are specific to Australian politics but others are more universal. They have a YouTube channel

Raf Val Photography said...

John Clarke began as Fred Dagg in NZ.worth a look

KCAussie said...

I used to listen to "Fred Dagg" (John Clarke) way, way back ... very funny fellow. Miss those days and his witty insights on Australian culture and political life. Mind you the political dramas (in Australia) still go on ... nothing new under the sun ... not worth investing your emotional energy into it. :)