Thursday, February 23, 2012

Filmmaking with the Olympus PEN

[Thanks to Bert]

With the tiny PEN E-P3 cameras they could get right up in the horses' face at full racing speed, 60km/hour. Brilliant.
The Micro Four Thirds footage held its own against full-frame 35mm sized sensor video. (Or 35mm film cameras, it's a bit fuzzy which he's talking about.)
(I wonder why they didn't include any footage they shot with it though, an odd omission. This seems to be an Olympus commercial, so perhaps they couldn't get the rights.) 

Like Mike Johnston, I want to lament Japanese camera-makers' inability to make sensible names for cameras. Who the heck can remember the differences between an "E-PL2", an "E-P3", an "E-PM1" etc? Now, a "PEN Lite", that makes sense, but that's not its official name, no-no, it's an E-PL3!
And of course the brand new OM-camera "resurrection" couldn't just be called the "OM-5", it had to be called the "OM-D EM5", for lord knows what reasons. Maybe so, here in 2012, we are reassured that in fact it is both electronic and digital!


Anna said...

Great !

Anna said...

Yeah, it's a weird omission !

But I hope the interview is really shot with those cameras.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I'm pretty sure it was. People have been making very good video with some 4/3 cameras since the Panasonic GH1.