Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Camino browser

I'm just trying out the Camino browser on Mac. It seems very nice and user-friendly, and, surprise: it seems markedly faster than both Safari and Chrome, both of which have made big deals out of how fast they are.

Hurrah: unlike Chrome but like Safari, it has simple keyboard shortcuts to the nine first bookmarks in the bookmarks bar. I use those constantly. (And you can import your Safari bookmarks, though you have to drag the bar bookmarks to the bar in Camino to have them show up there.)

Rendering seems perfect too. Sometimes with a new browser, the rendering of pages is off. For example, for months there was no way you could change the font size in Google's Chrome browser (of all the stupid things). Of course Camino is only new to me, it's a 2.1 release.
(Chrome, like many Google projects, seems to have a looong beta-ish phase. For example I still can't find any setting to get new tabs to open on top, which just bugs me since it's the way I use tabs 90% of the time.)

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