Saturday, May 14, 2011

Office Pod

Having a dedicated workspace in your backyard will allow you to create a very important mental and physical boundary between home and work.

I don't know, it seems a little cramped. Even a bit... silly? I think I'd be self-conscious if it's be public spaces.

Probably not exactly cheap either. But then if you're really strapped for a little privacy when working, it may be the thing. And doing a bit of research, it's clear that quite many people are really keen on getting such a thing.


Tommy said...

Of course, if you really need privacy. Shuldn't there be an option for a model without windows?


eolake said...

Or frosted ones or lace curtains or summin.

I still think the main objective is price. Those who need it, can't afford it. Those who can afford it, need more prestige.

Michael Burton\ said...

I think they need to fire the guy who built their website. This is exactly the wrong kind of thing to protect against external links.

Michael Burton said...

Oops! I take it back, a little. The site you linked to isn't the manufacturer, but another blog.

I still don't think much of that other blog's linkage policies...

eolake said...

No, with the crashed prices of bandwidth, it seems a bit out of date.

Well, I fixed it with a screenshot.

First time I've seen this, by the way. For a while I've used outsite links, because I'm not sure how to expand my allowance.

... Strange that the "don't steal badwidth" sign is also showing on their own page! That's shooting yourself in the foot.

poda said...

:) The lack of privacy would actually KEEP me working.