Saturday, May 14, 2011

The beach at sunset (updated)

TCGirl took a series of photos on the beachs at sunset, that I rather liked. Ooodles of atmosphere.
Here's a couple. If you want more, yell up, maybe she can be convinced.

My own fave may be the top one, it has such dramatic space and light. 

They are great for wallpaper. They are not too noisy, and still have plenty of texture and interest, and a lot of space. 
Nice quality too, you should see them on my 30-inch screen, pin-sharp. 

Funny enough, my favorites seem to be those which are dominated by a large expanse of sand in the frame.  Not sure why, maybe it's just that it shows a deliberate composition. Most people tend to pretty much fill the frame with objects. (Unless they are not at all aware of the frame, in which case it often has a big, empty, flat sky or such.) 
Also, the expanse of sand creates space. 
... ah yes, in that vein, this one is also kewl: 


Russ said...

Kudos to TCGirl and these beautiful shots. I too like the top one best. I can never get enough beach scenes... please post more! :D

Timo Lehtinen said...

These look like great screen background images. Daytime scenes would be even better for that, though.

TC [Girl] said...

Thanks, Russ. This area probably looks pretty familiar to you. I've enjoyed your shots of same. :-)

Like you, I can never get enough beach shots, myself; add in the sunsets and I'm pretty much in Heaven! :-P I was really glad to catch those shots, Friday night, as it was overcast and rained most of today. :-(

Here are a few more. One of those, I don't think I could capture, again, in a million years! Notice the rays coming through the clouds, in one of the sunset pics. It was spectacular!

Thanks for the compliments, Russ. Hope you enjoy the rest. :-D

TC [Girl] said...

Hey, Timo...

Do any of these grab your fancy? I have a ton of wave pics, as well, if you'd like to see some of those? Just let me know. :-D

Timo Lehtinen said...

TC, your link above (with the anchor text "these") lacks a reference URL. I.e. it doesn't point anywhere.

Your seal pics are beautiful!

TC [Girl] said...
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TC [Girl] said...

Hey, Timo...

Sorry about that. Let's try this again.

"Your seal pics are beautiful!"
Thanks, Timo! (Sorry I couldn't find a tiger among 'em, though! ;-)

Bert said...

Congrats, TCGirl! I really like your work, and I mean it.

For me, it's the second shot that takes the cake, it is really wonderful, right on the edge, it has an end-of-days feel to it.

Captcha: dencist (I sure hope there's no premonition here!)

eolake said...

I agree, Bert, it has a very strong sorta spooky atmosphere to it. And lovely tones. Which actually goes for them all.

TC [Girl] said...

Thanks, Bert and Eo! Glad that you like them! I sure enjoyed being there and taking the shots, myself! :-D

Timo Lehtinen said...

Very nice pics all!

Beach photos have a certain calming effect. Which is why they make good screen backgrounds.

TC [Girl] said...

Thanks, Timo! Glad you enjoyed them, as well! And, yes...calming to look at and also to be at. I dream of living by the ocean, someday. There's something very "mesmerizing" about the whole environment. There's a certain..."longing" [for me] to be there. Perhaps it has something to do w/being Danish and wanting to be a Mermaid! :-D

eolake said...

Seems to be universal, beach properties are always more expensive.
Denmark has a lot of it, all those islands.

BTW, an old Danish friend wrote a book about being a mermaid. I think I've lost contact with her though.