Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MS bought Skype

Microsoft has just bought Skype!
The wisecracks are flowing like wine on Twitter.

We'll have to start saying "Microsoft me" instead of "Skype me"... but saying that makes me feel dirty. - LoyalMoses

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TC [Girl] said...

Yeah...a real head scratcher, as well!

"Microsoft simply has so much cash it doesn't know what to do with..."

Shoot! What a "problem" to have! So...perhaps MS could [further; there's already the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] invest in, oh...say...this country's education and/or health care reform or something else that's on the soil that got it started. And...if they're still looking for something to do w/the dough, after that, I'll get in line and help them out! :-D