Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RSS feed for this blog

I have added a link to the RSS feed for this blog on the right, so it's easier to give the address to your favorite news reader app*.

I've started using RSS a bit more myself, finally, it can be helpful if you do it right. For instance I can get all the newest posts for the couple dozen sites I follow, and just skim them all quickly for any interesting news.

I use NetNewsWire, it's the one I have found with the best interface on the iPad. I'm pleased to see that my own blog turns up perfect in that app on the iPad, even YouTube videos play right in it. (They don't show on my Mac though, oddly, neither in Safari nor in NetNewsWire.)

*Actually if you use Google Reader, it can usually find the feed if you just give it the main URL for the site. It is also a good app/site. Though I only started using it because I had to, since other readers (on iPad) take the subscriptions from Google Reader! I thought that was irritating at first, but now I appreciate it. NetNewsWire on Mac also has an option to synch with Google Reader. 

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