Monday, September 20, 2010

Interesting upcoming Fuji camera

Interesting upcoming Fujifilm camera X100.
It has an optical viewfinder, and is supposed to be compact while aiming at the highest possible image quality. It has a fixed lens, slightly wide, a good choice.
Miserere writes about it.  I haven't read it yet, it's time for my vampire nap, but he knows his stuff, so.

Talk about old-fashioned, witness this current campaign for a cheap film camera, of all things.  Gotta admit, it's insanely cheap.


emptyspaces said...

I hope it's splashproof so it can handle all the drool when I use it. Man, I didn't think anyone was going to make an interesting camera like this, way to go Fuji.

(And may it make it to market...)

eolake said...

Yeah. If it's fast too, it may be rather more interesting than the Leica X1.

Anonymous said...

I shall have one!

Miserere said...

I put together a size comparison with a bunch of similar cameras. It is quite small :-)

eolake said...

Yeah, but not startlingly so, I guess. The M9 is full frame.

But then you did surround it with cameras who are already compact, so, compact it is.

Laurie, I didn't think you did like street photography. What will you use this camera for?

Miserere said...

Yeah, maybe I should've put a Canon 1D in there :-)

Anonymous said...

Probably just use a camera like this for the snap. Plus I'm warming to street photography.

eolake said...

Ha, yeah, a 1D would make the contrast.

Laurie, sounds good. Would be fun to do a little together.

Anonymous said...

That would be fun.
We should either go somewhere that's very familiar or somewhere that neither of us have ever been to before.
I don't have a street camera yet though.

eolake said...

I have several, you can borrow one.

Miserere said...

Here you go, Eo, just for you:

eolake said...


He says he thinks there'll be one later with exchangeable lenses, and that the price might be 8000 DKK ($1400), which I think is a little optimistic.

Alex said...

Laurie, Eo, hop in the car and head over to Chester for your photo assignement, I'm getting homesick and would love to see the old place.

Seriously; dense tourist population, so nobody notices a camera, people will act more naturally, pretty architecture, and lots of people if you are people watching, which is the whole point in street photography, and the diversity in peoples. After London, Edinburgh, York, and Stratford, Chester is one of the most visited towns in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Chester it is, soon as I get some rest.

eolake said...

McCool with McMe.

Maybe there are more cute girls then. This town is a little weak on this, comparatively (and outside of Saturday night).

Miserere said...

He says he thinks there'll be one later with exchangeable lenses,

That is what everyone is hoping for.

and that the price might be 8000 DKK ($1400), which I think is a little optimistic.

Yesterday Fuji said it would retail at around $1,000. If true, they won't be able to build them fast enough.

eolake said...

Yes, if the latter pricing rumors are true, the 8000 kroner are about right.

It will be interesting to see how many are interested. I guess nobody who only got interested in photography after the millennium won't see any point in it. (Is there even one?! :-)

I really hope it focuses at least as fast as the GF1.

Alex said...

Hope you guys have a good day out.

The best Guinness in town is "The Albion Arms", or used to be 15 years ago.

I was last there four years ago. The core city hadn't changed, it was a grey day and so didn't look as nice as it has. A lot of the shops had changed, but a lot were still there since my childhood.

My online Chester gallery is spread over 10 years, the wet ones were on the last visit, and were more quick documentary snaps of places that were something to me.

Toycraft, on Watergate St, is one of the oldest independent toyshop in the city now, I just checked they are still listed on-line. I've been going there since about 75. They used to have a lot of quality toys, especially Stieff bears. You may answer your other quest there.

If you are after girlies, Chester University grew out of Chester College which was Teacher Training.