Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New pro cameras

The Pentax 645D, which is high quality, but still much cheaper than most medium format cameras, will finally be sold outside of Japan, they have just announced.

Further, Sigma is releasing a new brutal-looking flagship model, SD1, which has the first major upgrade of the once-promising Foveon sensor, which stacks the color-pixels under each other instead of next to each other, something which should in theory improve sharpness and fidelity a lot. So far it has not gone so far because of low resolutions, but this is really a big jump. It may actually make it the sharpest camera you find in a 35mm-sized form, which would be an impressive accomplishment inded. (It would also demand really spectacular lenses to utilize all that resolution, though.)

So things are moving on, even though for a year or two there, it looked like the global recession had a stranglehold on the camera industry.

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