Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Laurie on 'pad

Photographer Laurie visited me today, and like usual we had a grand old time talking gear and all kinds of stuff. Here he is checking out something on his iPad. No wait, it's mine 'cuz it's in my stand. It's the Fellowes Wire Study Stand. It folds flat, and it'll hold the 'pad even if it has a rubber cover on.

It's a Canon S90 in the foreground, and it's photographed with iPhone 4.

I took it with HDR (contrast- reduction), which you see below, but in this case I think the HDR version, though it caught detail in the window, actually suppressed contrast in the mid-tones a bit too much, so I prefer the other one.

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At 21 Sep 2010, 23:35:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here he is checking out something on his iPad.

Probably checking out the sex tape you just made. He looks exhausted!

At 23 Sep 2010, 16:45:00, Blogger Dave Nielsen said...

You made a sex tape? Never saw that coming! ;-)

At 23 Sep 2010, 16:55:00, Blogger eolake said...

It was just white mice. Nature channel stuff. Rather boring, actually.


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