Friday, September 17, 2010

A payment for a tee-shirt

I wanted to buy a tee-shirt, and found one from a UK company quickly, and was pleased to see they take Paypal, so I don't have to give cc details to yet one more company.

But then on the Paypal confirmation page, it said:
"By clicking the button below, I authorise the payment of any future amounts due to Zazzle Inc. from my PayPal account."

WTF? Would you accept that?
It's unlikely that they would misuse it, but why the heck would they put such a stupid clause in their payment terms?


ganesha games said...

I think it is done to allow for one click shopping later, like Amazon does.

eolake said...

It might be.
But they should say so then. It's easier to get the customer to do something if he feels there's an advantage to *him* and not just the seller.