Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adam Hughes' Cover Run

I just got* Adam Hughes' art book Cover Run. I would recommend it, except there is probably no need, since it's a monster hit already and everybody is talking about it.

I discovered that I really like when there's a bit of text on every other page in an art book. Otherwise, no matter how much I like the art, I'm just done with it very quickly, and that's a pity. Of course the text should have interest, but it does not have to be Shakespeare, just good enough. Some thoughts and anecdotes.

*It took two weeks to arrive since shipping, even within the UK! And they had predicted so too. I am wondering if the company told a fib on Amazon when they said "ships from the UK", and they really had to get it home from the US first? Does anybody know if two weeks in the post is reasonably expected?

PS: I'm looking forward to future super-tablets for e-artbooks. I'm enjoying everything else more in digital, so why not. For example, the contrast and color range is bigger with screens than print. (At least as goes for blue and green, if compared to traditional cyan-magenta-yellow-black printing.)


Anonymous said...

For example, the contrast and color range is bigger with screens than print.

That's your imagination.

RonC said...

Hello Eolake,

I ordered a small camera and another item from two different EBay sellers at 1300 on Monday and both arrived on the following afternoon - and your parcel took two weeks: go figure !

The camera sellers were in a competitive market where sellers had similar products, and couldn't compete too much on price, so - 'next day delivery' can be a USP, I suppose !

And the courier companies are sub-contracting to local 'one man and a van' operations in my area, who really really need the business, so they never miss a deadline.

Perhaps your 'art book' seller is still a fat and happy traditional retailer - or even a 'box-shifter' who has to wait for stock from across the globe, as you say?

eolake said...

Dunno, I haven't dealt with them before, I think. The are called The Book Community, so I guess it's these guys:

The took the order via Amazon, and they were the only seller claiming it was shipped from UK, not US.

RonC said...

No, nor I - but have you read their 'Mission Statement' and 'About Us' on their website homepage: good luck with their customer-service team in Bucharest dealing with a concern about late delivery from 'Eolake in Lancashire'.............

Anonymous said...

I might actually consider one of these super tablets for art books alone. They could then maybe reduce the price on something like this.

Anonymous said...

These might look good if the women weren't all drawn like porn stars and the coloring wasn't all done on a computer.