Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When I mentioned build-up of Stuff, my friend Marc said:
I enjoy giving away stuff on freecycle on craigslist. We have met some neat people who really appreciate stuff that no longer serves us. It is so much more fun than a garage sale where you nickel and dime with people.

Cool idea. Stuff like furniture is a hassle to send, having a local group is great. It's a moderated list, which is often good. And there are also trading/selling lists for various towns on craigslist, if you would like to get a bit of money for your stuff.

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At 14 Sep 2010, 21:35:00, Anonymous Jan said...

I confirm that Freecycle is really great. When I moved I gave away a lot of hard to sell stuff. Since then I got loads of useful things from other Freecycle users. It's also a great way to meet people.

At 14 Sep 2010, 22:04:00, Blogger The Dissonance said...

Or a way to meet bad people. I gave away a basketball hoop, actually had people fighting over it, said first come, first served and it got hauled away. Then the next car showed up and the lady wrote FreeCycle to say I was a bad man who welched on a deal. Sigh... lesson learned, never give anything away for free.

Also people say they want an item and then never show. That's just weird.

At 16 Sep 2010, 03:48:00, Anonymous saskboy said...

No-shows are common with any online transaction, especially without a feedback system like eBay's. I sell dozens of things a year online locally, and roughly 40% of those who say they are coming for something, never do. You just accept it, and move on.
I also freecycle sometimes on Full Circle.


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