Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Children in Color" contest results

Only less than a hundred entries, but then there were many really good photos, so well done.
(Click for big pic.)

The three winners: 


Dana Thomas:


Honorable Mentions: 


Steven Gray:


Mister Beep:

Uncle Ron:





Congratulations to all, well done.
The three winners will get their $100 prizes by Paypal.


Daniel said...

Where are the rest? Are you going to put them online?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

No, you only publish winners and runner-ups.

Daniel said...

That makes sense, now that you mention it... there were so many honorable mentions in the previous contest that I thought you had published every entry.

Thanks, these are great.

Jaromir said...

I really like the photo from Dana Thomas. There is highly expressive term in the face of a boy

Anonymous said...

It looks like you just gave honorable mentions to any of your regular posters regardless of quality. You don't seem to have much of an eye for this stuff, considering those choices and even the winners. Maybe you didn't get that many entries and these were the best of a bad lot?

ttl said...

I am honored by the honorable mention.

Nice pics from all! I think my favourite is Jaromir's second photo.

Anon said: You don't seem to have much of an eye for this stuff ...

Where can we see a photo contest organized by you, so we can all learn how to do it right?

Monsieur Beep! said...

Thank you for mentioning my photo, I'm pleased that you like it. I captured it at the beach, the two children probably are twins. I was fascinated by their thick and curly hair and the way they were playing.

I like the facial expressions in pics 1 2 and 3.


ganesha games said...

Anonymous is a troll. And a frequent one. Better ignore him...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Jaromir Jagr was a photographer too. That man can do anything.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"Jaromir's second photo"

Indeed. You're not the first one to mention that one.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Anonymous spewed...
"It looks like you just gave honorable mentions to any of your regular posters regardless of quality. You don't seem to have much of an eye for this stuff"

Well, if what you're saying is that mine should have WON because its quality was way above "honorable mention", I agree with you. That contest was obviously rigged!

Then again, if Eolake only pays a Ben Franklin to three of the participants, of course he's only going to receive three positive opinions and all the rest will gripe, d'uh! This is why beauty pageants always have such a plethora of "side-title Misses". It's the only way you can have candidates walking away from a competition and the MAJORITY of them being happy, right?
(Then again, every single time they announce the beauty queen results, THE WINNER bursts into tears and her face crumples up into a mascara-dribbling mess of horribly crispated grimaces, so I guess there's no pleasing some people.) :-P

Um... so, maybe Eolake's problem wasn't about taste, but about lack of cynical methodology. You should have researched that whole contests thingie, Captain. And given Josie her minute in the spotlight announcing the winners.
Instead of doing it yourself, you show-off!

(P.S.: I got an honorable mention? Woo-hoo! Come on, Eo, be honest now: do you sincerely believe I'm somebody "honorable"? ;-)

You're really the absent-minded one, aren't you? What, you forgot that Josie, being the SECOND mostest humblest person in the world -after Moi- would NEVER show off by means of organizing her own contest? Puh-leeze, let's remain serious here, people!

ganesha games said...
"Anonymous is a troll."

I think if you had submitted the genuine photo of a troll, you probably would've won some valuable prize on this blog. Food for thought, GG. Next time, keep that camera ready! :-)
Remember the unending fame that blurry Bigfoot photo has received. Or that vague snapshot of an alleged Nessie silhouette. :-P

I can already see the posters:
"It Came From The Deeper End:
Elephant Man vs the Troll from Eo Lake

(Soon in a theater near you)

ttl said...

Or that vague snapshot of an alleged Nessie silhouette. :-P

That's a great idea for the next photo contest. The one who submits the most close-up and artistic real photo of Nessie, wins! This way, if, for example, there are two equally detailed pics (with pores showing and everything), the one with a more artistic composition is the winner!

Winner gets a fiver transferred through BIC/IBAN.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, a super-clear and detailed photo of Nessie might get disqualified because the horizon is tilted.

Tommy said...

Can I ask a question, did all you photographers get releases signed? As a rank amateur, I'm just curious about it.

By the way, they're really nice.

I wish we could see them all.

Anna Aniko said...

Hey, thanks for publishing these great pics! Really nice ! :)

Steven Grey, how did those magic flying lights happen on that lovely picture ?

Steven Gray said...

Thanks Eolake for a great contest! Thanks for the honorable mention.

@Anna Aniko - The little girl was seated on a fountain late in the day, and I took the photo from the other side of the fountain with an 85mm lens wide open at f/1.8. The spray from the fountain turned into large out-of-focus circles that caught the afternoon sunlight and gave the photo its magical look. :)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It is really an amazing effect. I actually thought it must be soap bubbles.

I love those fast, short-tele lenses for these effects.

Anna Aniko said...

It definitely looks great, thanks for the explanation. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty amateurish effect. Would you ever see a pro use such a spectacularly cheesy effect? No.