Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing Missy

[Thanks to Philippe]

This is pretty funny.
Although I do notice that while David apparently does not have time to slap up a Missing Cat poster for a friend (I guess she is), but he does have time to make several elaborate and professional posters whose only purpose is to mock a person for being worried about her cat. A bit odd.

Here's a similar thingy.  Because of a small faux-pas in choice of note paper, he lengthily mocks the guy, first for not inviting him to a party, then for having invited him, then for not chatting the first time they met, and then saying that it was he himself who did not want to chat, he did not want to talk to people with wicker furniture.

Well, he is funny, and I suppose it's all supposed to be taken lightheartedly, but if these email conversations are real, then David must be difficult to know, and must have a real Seinfeld/Larry David syndrome, you know, always mocking everybody, and only have a couple of friends where the common activity is basically mocking everybody. Must be a painful life, really, if you have to do that.
It would seem to be a better use of comedic talent to write it fictionally*, rather than carving up people around you. But then it's more work. And he does seem to be a really good designer, so I guess he's doing well.

*As Seinfeld and LD have done very successfully, though it's clear that most of it came from their own lives. Seems to me to be a better cathartic process.

Ah well. Whatever.


Webreaper said...

The conversations aren't real; Thorne is a comedian. Check his Wikipedia page....

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I did now. It says:

"His website is a collection of various humorous stories and accounts from Thorne's own life."
"Thorne started the 27bslash6 website as a vehicle purely to annoy"

Anonymous said...

He's not much of a comedian.