Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taylor Momsen doesn't give a sh*t

Taylor Momsen Goes Pantsless, Curses On Morning Television, article/video.

(I haven't seen Gossip Girl, and it does not seem to be comedic, so I probably won't.)
I like that she's an actual rock musician, instead of the tsunami of soft pop we have these days.
I also like her answer when asked why she dresses very "provocatively" at sixteen: "Well I don't really understand, am I supposed to dress like that when I'm 30?" she said. "Isn't this the time when I'm supposed to be able to wear anything? I don't really understand! I graduated from high school two years ago..."

I think the "Morticia" eye make-up (seen in the video) is a mistake, look how much prettier she is without it:


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Wow, she's only 16? She looks completely grown. Makes me understand why 16 is usually considered as an adequate age of consent.

Must be the practical maturity in her face. In part. That girl's CONFIDENT. When you've got that common sense, age of consent is an adequate concept. (While some don't even have it at 50!) :-(

And yes, she's very pretty au naturel.
I've always thought that a woman didn't need make-up to really be beautiful. It must come from within. And then, the rest is trivial.
Not that I'd criticize some light make-up. But the current standards (at least in France) are that "if it shows, then you've used too much". A good guideline, methinks.

I most especially resent smearing the eyes with dark or oddly colored stuff because it is BELIEVED to look prettier. I've never seen it that way.
Like I never saw the size as relevant to the beauty of breasts.
(If I did, wouldn't I have a fetish for the obese?) ;-P

Healthy is beautiful. A healthy mind in a healthy body. To me, it IS that simple.

And, as part of what I consider a healthy mind for me, I can enjoy a woman's beauty for the sake of it, without automatically wanting (or imagining) her in my bed.

Most convenient, to help me innocently appreciate the beauty of a child or baby! :-)
Their very innocence, by itself, already makes them most beautiful. And makes me want to preserve that beauty while it lasts.
The beauty of a confident adult is different. It will come in due time.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"the "Morticia" eye make-up..."

...and the fake eye lashes and...extensions, possibly?

Pascal said...
"That girl's CONFIDENT."

Something tells me that her very long career has brought her to that "maturity" at such an early age. That and...probably, I suspect (w/out knowing anything about her background), a "tough" upbringing. :-(

Technically, in America, you're not "[your] own boss" until you're 18 (out of high school or not) so...I can imagine that she is quite a "handful," like she, herself, seemed quite proud to admit. :-/ Hoping we're not seeing the starts of another Courtney Love, here! Is that "confidence" or...ATTITUDE!! :-(

dave nielsen said...

In the U.S. you're really not fully adult until 21 because then you can drink. It's odd that when I was 18 I could vote, get married, and kill people in war, but not drink.

In some countries the age of consent is lower than 16 but that is I think the average.

Aardvark said...

I'd spank her in a heartbeat.

eolake said...

Bad girls must be spanked. Good girls must be spanked but good.

dave nielsen said...

It's funny how big headphones have become again. In the 90s people laughed at pix of people in the 70s with these huge headphones, but now they're back.

eolake said...

A super babe like her can pull it off. I have gone out with biggish headphones (with noise silencing against the traffic noise), and admittedly nobody seemed to laugh at me, but then if they did behind my back, I wouldn't have heard them. :-)