Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple Backdrop for Portraits

Setting up a Simple Backdrop for Portraits - Photo Tip from Hunter Freeman


Robb in Houston said...

Alternate title could be something like: How to unroll a roll of seamless background paper. Commercial photogs have been 'storing' their rolls of seamless that was for years - since Jesus was a Sargent...

I look forward to more photographically exciting content like this in the future. Not.

eolake said...

To be frank, this guy usually has better stuff, and I put up the link before I had seen the whole video. Not quite bad enough to take down, I judged. Meh.

Robb in Houston said...

Snot a problem - maybe he'll explain the physics involving the Scheimflug effect/rule/laws using both Rodenstock and Schneider lenses.

I have subscribed to Photo District News (PDN) for years, and see that recently, in the last few years or so - a lot of photogs are coming into the commercial arena with only 'self taught' on their resume.

Very interesting.

eolake said...

Certainly in my business, after the Nikon D100 or so, the influx has been huge. But I'm happy, because before that, I couldn't find enough good material.

I hope he will. The Scheimpflug effect is very similar in Rodenstock and Schneider lenses, but there are some interesting and subtle aspects.
(There are probably not, but I'm proud to announce that I actually know what those lenses are, and understand the Scheimpflug principle. :-)