Monday, March 22, 2010

New shelf

Mike Johnston had a gorgeous book shelf made. Just to my taste, dark wood, simple design, quality construction.

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At 22 Mar 2010, 20:39:00, Blogger Alex said...

Only problem with our local unfinished/to order furniture place, being in CA they don't want the costs of finishing, so we have to do it ourselves. Easy enough, but takes out the garage for 3-4 days at one coat per evening.

I don't remember a UK equivalent, but there must have been one.

At 22 Mar 2010, 22:45:00, Anonymous lee murphy said...

Exactly the opposite of my taste. I like light wood, a complex design, and shoddy construction. Ikea it is!

At 22 Mar 2010, 22:58:00, Blogger eolake said...

Well, you're in luck, it's cheap and plentiful!

At 23 Mar 2010, 01:00:00, Blogger Alex said...

... and breaks if you stand on the bottom shelf to reach something higher up.

My kids think the pine one is a climbing frame.

Oh, and unfinished means stain as dark as you like (but no lighter than the original wood).

At 23 Mar 2010, 01:02:00, Blogger eolake said...

Heck, *oak* breaks if *I* stand on it.


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