Saturday, March 27, 2010

An invaded Mac. was: The Fountains of Paradise

Is anybody familiar with Audible and their DRM scheming? I want to buy The Fountains of Paradise, but idiotically somebody decided it can only be sold in the US, so I can't. (International rights are brain dead. Just because somebody else has purchased selling rights, they bar people from buying five or ten copies across the ocean.)
Could somebody buy it and send it to me, technically?

I have even installed Hotspot Shield to hide my IP, and use a US address and cc, but still, everytime they throw me out and refer me to the UK site, which of course does not *have* this friggin book.
"Hey, guys, will you take my money please!!!!"
And they wonder why people use "piracy".

OK, it turns out I could buy it in the US iTunes store. Even a bit cheaper.
Maybe next time I'll try using

[Update re the below: It seems that rebooting after deleting the app did the trick. It seems it's gone now. Thanks god. (In the meantime I reset safari, so I've lost all the cookies and passwords it remembered. Just great.).]

... Great, now I have another problem: I can't get rid of the fucking banner AnchorFree Hotspot Shield puts in my browser!! Goddamn fucking shit.
I have removed the software and even used "secure delete" in Finder. It still pops up windows and banners in my Safari browser. I'm gonna hound the fuckers till the ends of the earth if they don't solve this for me, I'm so pissed off. In the fifteen years using a Mac, I never had this kind of problem before.
I'm reading this, but so far no help. (I've also called the company and mailed them, but of course this kind of thing always happens in the beginning of a weekend.)

Oddly, it has not affected Firefox. But the problem is not in Safari itself, because their server turns up when I do a trace-route:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 162.072 ms 219.470 ms 170.247 ms
2 ( 204.919 ms 165.597 ms 163.752 ms
3 ( 165.942 ms 185.429 ms 168.603 ms
4 ( 176.034 ms 171.033 ms 182.448 ms
5 ( 167.036 ms 173.354 ms 184.160 ms
6 ( 166.261 ms 166.384 ms ( 166.367 ms
7 ( 185.456 ms 167.458 ms 175.939 ms
8 ( 188.845 ms 170.250 ms 207.039 ms
9 ( 183.359 ms ( 183.985 ms 189.751 ms
10 ( 183.555 ms 195.362 ms 211.333 ms
11 ( 187.083 ms 187.010 ms 189.355 ms
12 ( 183.870 ms 189.868 ms 194.564 ms
13 ( 185.413 ms 182.918 ms 185.369 ms
14 ( 195.211 ms 185.774 ms 185.405 ms


ayeaye said...

Did you reboot? Er, sorry... restart? If that does not work, I read that shutting down all your apps then running Activity Monitor then killing the kextd process, followed by a restart, works. It is alleged that there is a process doing code injection of JavaScript into the headers of the HTML documents. You should be able to see that happening by looking at the browser source code after the banner pops up.

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.
--Erasmus (and Tom Waites, take your pick).

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you very much.

I did come accross similar info in the apple forum post, and it did the trick.

dave_at_efi said...

I've programmed computers in many different programming languages for over 40 years.
The whole concept of JavaScript scares the hell out of me. By allowing my browser to run some website's JavaScript program, I'm completely at the mercy of some unknown programmer. Same with inserting a Basic program into a Word file.
What you experienced is a very mild, very annoying intrusion. I hope that things don't get worse for us somewhat superior-feeling Mac users. There's a lot of angry, nasty people out there.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

For me that whole idea is just ludicrous, how the hell can OS designers allow a browser or whatever to take over the machine?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

You don't exactly seek the crappiest books, do you? :-)

I have that novel in French, and read it a few years ago. Even if I didn't know the author, I'd declare it an instant classic. "What authentic S-F is all about." :-)

Gail said...

This post has given me a headache.

Unknown said...

Was it confusing? Or was it my temper?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


Monsieur Beep! said...

I'd switched off Java and Java script on my Safari browser, with the result that flickr didn't work properly any more and asked for installing Java.
Obviously it's a necessary programm. Is it generally bad or only when used to browse undefined websites?