Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Longest running e-newsletter

Listen to the fascinating tale (part 1) of the longest running electronic newsletter in the world, TidBITS. It's been weekly since years before the WWW started! Adam and Tonya are always entertaining and funny. (Part II.)

Another good MacNotables episode, discussing ebooks, part 1 and part II.
(Of course you can also get the free podcast via iTunes.)

I'm realizing that all other things regardless, just *being there* and *staying there* is a very valuable and rare quality, which people like Tonya and Adam have. Most people with imagination have no stick-to-ivity.
Actually years ago a friend asked how long I'd had my site, and I said four years, and he said "so what are you gonna do next?" I said "next? What do you mean?" He said "well, most people I know, when they've done something for a few years, then they move on to something else." I imagine I said: "I have an easy and fun job, earn good money, and I'm my own boss. I should be on medication if I wanted to change that."

This blog is the same. You can come in any day of the week and hang your hat for a few minutes, and I'm here. I only wish I could serve coffee too.


Monsieur Beep! said...

Oh how I loved to read what you're saying in your last paragraph.
Apparently you are of the rare species which is content with what they have.
Even so you keep fine-tuning your web-appearance, which means that it's a living thing,

Spon Doolick said...

"This blog is the same."

There is a British English expression: "He went in with the bricks", meaning employees who have been in a company since it started, and in some cases longer than living memory for most, if not all, of the employees.

To be that person has often seemed attractive to me, possibly because my own life has been more characterized by change being the only constant.

I awoke at four this morning. As often happens, my mind started churning over relative time. I calculated that in his own life, for the equivalent time from when I was first married until the present, my grandfather had lived through two world wars.

There are degrees of change, obviously. If you ever solve the coffee shortfall, put my name on a cubicle.

Michael Burton said...


I knew there was something missing!!

Miserere said...

I'd prefer tea, but I'll keep coming back anyway.

eolake said...

I would serve both, since I drink both these days.

And there'd be my own odd fruit drink experiments.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"You can come in any day of the week and hang your hat for a few minutes, and I'm here. I only wish I could serve coffee too."

SWEET! Could ya offer some Bailey's, on the menu, to add to my coffee? Some days just seem to need to end that way! :-D

eolake said...

What am I, a drug dealer? You can have a Valium.

(That's joke, dear, settle down. :-)

Some younger people I know recently had their laptop stolen... by their pot dealer! I convulsed with laughter when I heard it.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"What am I, a drug dealer? You can have a Valium."

LOL! Thanks but...prefer the taste of the other! ;-)

(That's joke, dear, settle down. :-)

Taken as same! :-) At least I didn't ask you for a massage! :-P lol!