Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blu-ray and wi-fi

Samsung Blu-ray player review. Steven pointed me to it when I marvelled that my new blu-ray player has ethernet, but not wi-fi. Like the article says:
"It still floors me that most Blu-ray players being produced today have ethernet connections instead Wi-Fi. I don't know of too many people that have ethernet cabling near their TV's. So why ship a device that requires Ethernet to take advantage of the BD Live and over the internet firmware updates?"

Just weird.
I mean, in my apartment I can detect at least half a dozen wi-fi networks! But I bet I'm the only one in the block who uses ethernet, and that's only for professional purposes.

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Michael said...

The only reason I have WiFi is my wife got tired of me dragging a 40 foot Ethernet cable around the house when I used the laptop. Everything is hardwired and the router will only connect with the laptop (unless the MAC is spoofed and passkey hacked).