Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rachel James

My friend John A was around today, and he talked about his daughter Rachel, whom I've only met briefly, and her band. They are quite busy around the English Northwest. It turns out they do some lovely stuff, like this Tick Tock song below.
I get the impression they have some trouble sticking with a name for the band. It seems at some time it was called Black And White Radio. I think it works. If one thinks it's too long, one can use BWR for short. Like ELO for Electric Light Orchestra. I think it's important for an artist or group to have a memorable name (and web site) and stick with it, so people can find them.

A minor point is that when finding this on YouTube, you think it's a trailer for a movie, because of the title. I would not have clicked on it if John had not been there and pointed it out, because I was looking for a song, not a movie.
Of course an artist will be creative, that's what the game is about, but people get confused easily, so it's important to give them some solid facts to pin the creativity on, like what's the name, is it a group or an individual, what medium do they work in, how do you buy their stuff, etc etc.
It especially amazes me how many web sites which supposedly are selling stuff will make it quite difficult to find out what the prices are, and how to order and pay. (This is not related to the band, I'm just continuing on the point I was making there.)

We can learn from hospitals, which put colored lines on the floors and tell people: follow the yellow line, and you'll arrive in the radiology department. Because many, many people can't follow simple directions. You have to make stuff as simple as you possibly can.

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