Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Carell's Daughter Profits From Paparazzi

Carell's Daughter Profits From Paparazzi, article.
"Steve Carell's 8-year-old daughter is learning how to profit from her dad's celebrity status by selling lemonade to paparazzi lurking around their Los Angeles home."

Hey, here's a new web site trick I have not seen before. When you copy a piece of text from that web site and paste it somewhere else, the text is followed by the URL of the article!
I'm sure it can be an important promotional tool if many people casually copy/pastes text into emails.
The web is not what I learned about it the nineties. Back then web code was just a simple text page with a few simple codes to format text, links, or images. Now it's so complex I don't think I could learn it if my life depended on it.