Monday, September 15, 2008

Studio light

Inspired by this and this, I've decided to get my first studio light ever. I'm probably gonna go with the Calumet Genesis, which seems to be an excellent yet simple system at an affordable price. And this guy agrees (nice tutorial video). (Here's another one about hard/soft light with this kind of unit.)
Hmmm, I'm reminded of many years ago, I was being interviewed for a magazine and needed a good portrait for it. So I went to a professional portraitist in the heart of Copenhagen, I knew she was respected. So we snapped a short series of shots, and I selected one for the mag, the only one I liked because I was looking down thoughtfully, and this disguised the fact that I was squinting on all of the pictures!

I actually called her, and asked about this hard light she had used. She said that she had chosen it to match my "sort of powerful" nature. Which was flattering, but I still think the squinting was unfortunate.

I am reminded of this because I believe that if she had used a flash or strobe unit instead of a continous light source, she could have had the quality of light she desired without me squinting.

But well, that one shot was not bad. A friend later remarked that he had liked it, it was "good, good and mysterious". Sadly it seems I neglected to save a copy.


The Dissonance said...

"Sadly it seems I neglected to save a copy."

That was easy to do in the past. Now-a-days there are backups. :o)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Some say digital content is fragile. Tell that to my friend who lost 30,000 films to a fire.