Saturday, September 20, 2008

5D samples

Oddly, good Canon 5D image samples are appearing before good 50D samples. Anyway, despite the high rez, they are very impressive. The 1600 samples are smooth as a baby bottom. Which means that for general use, 1600 ISO can be the new standard setting for many photographers. Who'd have thought.
I know I’ve said it before, but: imagine what they could do with a 12MP full frame sensor. I'll bet it could gain a full stop over the 21MP one.

... It's true though that the 800 sample is sharper than the 1600 one (amazingly sharp actually). Perhaps it would be different if one turned off in-camera noise reduction, it often does a poor job.

By the way, talking about high resolution: I wish that some of the new super-sharp lenses that Canon and Nikon are bringing out would be slower and have stabilization. Sure, 2.8 is better than 4.0 all other things being equal, but all other things are never equal. A professional 2.8 zoom lens is very big, very heavy, and very expensive. 4.0 would make a lot more sense. And to release any new lenses at all without stabilization is just daft, so long as they don't even have any bodies with it built in.


Anonymous said...

Still you have to admire the marketing genius of the new 5d. Perfectly postitioned to steal sales from the D700, and stop the curious from reaching for the A900.

But yes for $2600 they could have given us 16 megapixels @ 7FPS, update the AF, and video, with even cleaner images. But I think the route taken brings in even more non-canon customers.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


No doubt it'll sell like hotcakes.

Will cannibalize 1Ds sales too, though.
Of course they've had a looooong successful run with that one at that price.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I'd hoped the rumors had been true about two models though, a low-rez and a hi-rez one.

BlankPhotog said...

The video people are going nuts over this thing, and it hasn't even gone to more than a half dozen hands yet!

I already know of three people who are preordering a Mk II and they aren't doing it for video. I'm tempted myself, or will be in 2009 anyway. But I'm still playing with Mk I and some other cameras, including medium format... We'll see if I have the breadth to tackle video again too (did some Hi-8 stuff in the early 90's).

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Huh, I'll be durned.

BTW, how come no recent posts on your own blogs?