Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Camera drawing

Drawings of cameras? What's next, photos of pencils?
(I don't see why not, after all there was a big book written about pencils, and some people even consider it a masterpiece.)

In case you think me sardonic, I do like this drawing and the others. I may have gone for a cooler camera, though.


Alex said...

When something is well styled, or has personal meaning, then a sketch seems the obvious thing to immortalize it.

It's all architecture, be it a well designed fountain pen through to an business campus.

True a cooler camera would have been in order.

As for pencils, have you been to the factory tour at Cumberland Pencils in Keswick? The lake district is wonderful (just ask Wordsworth), and this is a pretty good time to visit, no tourists, and the last few days of summer.

Alex said...

Oh, I have two other books by Petroski, "To Engineer is Human" and "The Evolution of useful things".

I only got 3 chapters into one of them. Interesting book, but not quite what I wanted at the time. They were a gift from an in-law or an out-law, can't remember which.

His books are always in the PBS catalogues (buy a gift and some of the profit goes to PBS).