Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Why The Daily Is So Yesterday"

April 1 photo essay of how The Daily supposedly is made. Very revealing, or at least eyebrow-raising.       :-)

Why The Daily Is So Yesterday, article.
Somehow I had missed this excellent dissection of The Daily. For example, Adam Engst points out how frivolous and superficial a publication it really is, which is ironic considering that it is (was) one of the things Steve Jobs hoped would prevent the US from "descending into a nation of bloggers"! And truly, in my opinion, there are bloggers who write better and more relevant articles than the very short ones we have seen so far in The Daily, elbow to elbow with horoscope content.

Apropos, it's not clear to me how blogs and other online publications are inherently inferior to newspapers. (And why do people always single out "blogs" as the new medium? There are thousands of good online magazines which are not blogs.) I don't recall the last time I read a newspaper article which I felt the world couldn't have done without.
(Note: I'm *not* including this blog in the important ones, this is just me firing off mixed thoughts to amuse myself and whoever pass by.)

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Kent McManigal said...

I write a newspaper column and, even though it is also online, I think it suffers because I can't include links in it. Sometimes you just need more information than can be included in 400 words. That's the bonus of a blog or other strictly online content.