Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Me and X100 (updated)

I'm only now realizing that this camera has no video function! Together with the fixed lens, I think this is very brave of Fuji to do: make a specialized tool for niche customers, instead of trying to please everybody.

Got it today.
It is indeed beautiful to hold and behold.
And impressively, it offers image quality and low-light quality which challenges those of cameras costing and weighing twice or thrice as much as the Fujifilm X100. Quite a feat.
I knew that sooner or later somebody would make a camera like this.

It is not quite pocket-sized, but it has a very nice size for good operating usability. And it doesn't weigh as much as one might expect from a metal camera, which is really nice. It's only 440 grams, good travel camera.

The optical viewfinder is great, the best I've ever worked with by far, and I'm looking forward to using it a lot more.

I just realized: probably most people don't realize this, but Fuji (I wonder why they changed it to Fujifilm) used to make some amazing top-professional, big, heavy-duty, quality cameras, like the GX680 with a 6 x 8 cm negative! So they are no beginners in the high-quality arena by any means.

So people can see how the camera delivers at F:2.0 and 1000 ISO, here is the original (only a slight crop). Noiseless.


AnotherAnonymous said...

I think you are missing the most valid issue here.
A very capable camera, but unless YOU improve what is an extremely modest artistic talent as a photographer, you will always be shackled with the same problem of very mediocre photographs.
Unfortunately, for you, this is NOT a problem you can simply throw money at, and buy, which seems to be your default knee-jerk reaction.
I follow the blog as it's entertaining to watch you stumble from one non-issue to the next without you even realising the entertainment value you unwittingly provide. It's almost like watching a slow-motion road accident.
No doubt the resident sycophants and various ghosts will come sucking up again in your defence, but when will you realise that owning yet another camera does NOT make you a photographer, any more than a decorator is an artist because he owns a box full of paint brushes?

emptyspaces said...

Good for you, Eo, I look forward to your thoughts as you use the X100. It's probably the most interesting camera to come along in a while. Like you, I've been waiting for someone to make a real photographer's camera like this (a little more attainable for me than the M9).

Among other things, I test cameras for an electronics retailer, and our shipment of X100s has been delayed. Count yourself fortunate for receiving one now, and have fun!

Todd Bridges said...

Hey, Anonymous, I wonder if you'd be such a turd if your dick wasn't so small.

Alex said...

For a house bound photographer I think EO does quite well. I'd like to see him get more than three blocks from home for a shoot some time though, and see what he's really made of.

eolake said...

So would I, especially with this camera, it deserves it.

It'll happen, I have promised two friends we'll go out and photograph together, and we will.

Alex said...

Can'st thou hop on chara and make for Skeggy?

"Can you not take a bus/train to somewhere like Skegness?"

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

My wife once said to me, "You're not really a photographer, you just like cameras!" Although I argued the point, after a while I thought "So what!" And that has made the difference.

eolake said...

Yes. I have also argued in the past that they are two different hobbies. They can co-exist, but they need not.

It's not a crime for a good camera not to be used; it's just more profit for the camera maker so they can survive to make more cameras for those who do use them.

eolake said...

"Can'st thou hop on chara and make for Skeggy?"

Yeah, but recently my issues with hyper-sensitivity have made day trips rather overwhelming, so I want to catch it on a good day with a friend.

Jeff R. said...

Lucky b****

No sign of mine yet - ordered mid-Feb. :-(

About your self-portrait - how much extra compression did you apply in PS? EXIF says level 6, but there seems to be a lot of compression artifacts. More than usual, methinks.
Any chance you could post the original somewhere?

eolake said...

Hmmm, I don't see any compression artefacts. I do see a slight graininess though, which I think it visible due to a bit of over-sharpening which I did on a whim.

OK, orig posted now.

Jeff R. said...

(that was quick!)

Much, much better.


steve smith said...

I wonder if you find this kind of thing in other hobbies. For example, someone collecting guns who has never fired one or a book collector who is illiterate.

Timo Lehtinen said...

In the field of music production, people sometimes talk about Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).

The problem is that gear acquisition can become a substitute activity. Creative work is so taxing mentally (and perhaps spiritually) that it is very tempting to procrastinate.

In this, the mind is clever. Instead of fighting "the resistance" we lul ourselves into the false belief that since we are researching, buying and testing the tools for our field of creative work, it is not procrastination but "preparatory work". We are bullshitting ourselves, of course.

I used to have severe GAS myself, but have mostly recovered. Although, I have to watch out or it might relapse.

A good rule of thumb which I now use is to never buy a piece of gear unless I have an immediate need for it in a real project. I.e. as soon as I receive it, I must put it to use in a project that delivers.

Anticipating future needs almost never works out.

Anonymous said...

I guess. As long as you're not in some lame heavy metal band. Then you're time and money would be better spent acquiring instruments you'll never use, thereby sparing everyone else.

Ian said...

That GX680 was a serious lust object for me when it was new. Sort of a cross between and RB67 and a 4x5 field camera. I of course had no real use for it, nor the money, but still...

eolake said...

Yeah, I had the same with Hasselblad as a teen.

Anonymous said...

I bet it was hard to clean off the cum stains.

Michael Burton said...

Not only can you not shoot video, but I've just discovered you can't make a phone call with this camera, either.

What could the designers have been thinking?

eolake said...

What? Maybe it doesn't even work with Facebook either?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Shooting yourself... is that like digital russian roulette?

Jeff R. said...

From the Fuji x100 site:


"(movie) --- H.264(MOV) with Stereo sound"


"Movie recording --- 1280 x 720 pixels (24frames / sec.) with stereo sound.
Individual movies can not exceed 10 minutes in length.


eolake said...

That's odd, I looked all over the buttons and the menus, didn't see any video settings.

Jeff R. said...

From the x100 manual, p.41:

"1) Press the command dial up (DRIVE) to display drive options.
Rotate the dial or press it up or down to highlight (MOVIE) and press MENU/OK

Seems to be there.

eolake said...

My goodness, you're right. Well done.

And it can take five pics per second! dang.

I usually download a manual, but I'd not gotten around to it in this case, perhaps because the camera seems so straightforward.

Michael Burton said...

Hmm... maybe I spoke too soon about the phone calls.

Miserere said...

Just thought I'd advertise my mega-X100-page with a lot of info on the camera...including the specs...which mention video:

720 HD 24fps with stereo sound (Av available while shooting)

There's also a link to the manual in English.

Eo, you might find the info about maximum shutter speeds at various apertures interesting.

eolake said...

O ya, it's leaf shutter, has limited speeds at large apertures, forgot that.

Anonymous said...

wow, you're a good looking guy.
Too bad the camera's in the way.


eolake said...