Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bamboo art

Some people are making gadget cases and also "bamboo art", laser-cutting art into sheets of bamboo. Looks great, I'd like to try that.

I especially like the texture and tones, seen close up.


Anonymous said...

When you see stuff like this done manually, requiring high levels of skill and technique, THATS way closer to 'art' than some laser cut offering, guided by a computer.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's done by hand or not ir irrelevant, it's not art. It's obviously very trashy. You'd find it (not selling) at a swap meet.

Anonymous said...

you guys (6:24 pm and 12:17 pm) are ridiculous. An artist created the design and decided to use a laser as a tool to make a product out of his/her art. Hang on, lemme write this note on a piece of will have more meaning or purpose that way....better yet, let's go back to crushing berries for our paints, and digital art is not art....we MUST use only canvas and paper....grow up.

btw, while one person has their own idea of what real "art" is (anonymous 12:17pm) another may think quite the opposite. "it's obviously very trashy"....I suppose you might just know what sells at a swap meet....and that's probably because you're an expert at swap's where you buy the pieces for your massive art collection.