Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Minox Mini-Leica

It seems the metal-camera nostalgia aesthetic is finally gaining traction! Excellent.
Minox, the famous maker of spy cameras, has made a 5/8-size working replica (it takes 5MP pics) of the even more famous Leica M3. It's too cute to bear.

From Photojojo.


Bruce said...

This is about the third or fourth version of this camera that Minox has made. They started making them many years ago, at least 5 years.

They are cute though. So is the mini Rolliflex.

martin freeman said...

Man, am I the only one (besides Eolake) who got hard from these pix?

eolake said...

Thanks, Bruce. I did have a feeling I'd seen them before.

Bruce said...

I wouldn't want you to buy one on Ebay and end up with an older model with 2MP or VGA instead of 5MP, and no LCD on the back!

Michael Burton said...

No way I'd want a Minox. I'm afraid it would chew through the power cables of my Millenium Falcon.