Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting a ride

I've lost time of how many times in US movies and TV I've seen somebody using up huge portions of the plot trying to get a ride home after surgery or to the airport, or whatever. What I wonder is, don't they have taxis? Then what are those yellow cars making life dangerous on the streets of New York?


Alex said...

You ever see that Eddie Izzard routine where he talks about the five taxis in San Francisco.

This last week in Taiwan we could just grab a cab anywhere, it's how it was when I lived in the UK, but here in The SF Bay Area, it's rediculous how hard it is to get a cab, pretty much always have to call them up, then wait 20 minutes for them to get there.

John D. Linn said...

New York City, specifically Manhattan, is pretty much unlike everywhere else in the United States. Last year I found myself in the Bronx, one of the burrows of New York City, and even there it was tough to get a cab. I had to call, and it showed up as a beat-up 10 year old dark color sedan, not looking like a cab, but a used car.

Get into a smaller city and it is much worse.

Jes said...

Yeah, as far as I know, NYC's the only place in America that's really crawling with them. Where I live, you don't see them unless you specifically call for one.