Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eclipsing hearts

I had a dream that I was lying under a sheet in an informal friend's gathering, and I was singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart at the top of my lungs. My dad was hitting me up for some pills I had, they came in pill form, capsule form, and marshmallow form.
Might be something I ate.

In the (excellent) TV show Ideal, somebody was tied up and gagged for hours, and was wearing an iPod, only it was stuck at Total Eclipse... I can see that's a cruel fate, but in smaller portions, that's a durn good pop song.


Mary Mills said...

this is one of my favourite pop songs.

Miserere said...

For a very different view of this song you MUST watch the Literal Video version:

And if you liked it, don't miss out on Meat Loaf's Anything For Love, Literal Video Version.


PS: Since I know you'll ask, Eo, the girl in Meat Loaf's vid is Dana Patrick.

eolake said...


I think I blogged the first one once.
But right now I can't see either, due to nation-blocking.

Miserere said...

Damn that nation blocking! I'm sure you can find a version available on your side of the pond :-)

eolake said...

Remember back when the Internet was International? Joyful days.