Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Paypal phishing attempt

Like you may be aware, don't give any account information to anybody if they ask for it over an email. Don't follow any money-related links in emails.
Go to the relevant web site direct, and see if they have any messages for you.

I just got this in the mail:
"PayPal Is Sending You This E-Mail To Inform Your That Our Processors Are Unable To Verify Your Account Profile.This Could Be Due To Many Reasons, For Example..."

There was a link to click to give the "updated information". I took the domain part from that link and got this site:

... I'd guess that's a sign we are not on a legit site...!


Anna said...

Hahaha !
They are so sincere people !

Tommy said...

Personally, I delete anything that I get from PayPal (suspecting that it's not really from them at all). I'll go directly to my account if I want to know anything about it...