Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Man catches snapping turtles with bare hands

This guy is just great.

via Peg and Bob.

(Can anybody figure out an easy way to embed a video which is on Wimp?)


TC [Girl] said...

I was wondering if this was crocodile country! :-/ Campbell's made the horrible mistake of making turtle soup, when I was the kid. I will NEVER forget how AWFUL that tasted! In fact, if I think about it, I can STILL "taste" it, today! YUCK!!!!!!

Philocalist said...

Heh heh :-) If you go looking, you can still find Hedgehog crisps in some of the local shops!

TC [Girl] said...

GROSS!! Seriously?! I caught a CUTE little hedgehog in DK when I was a kid! The little "sweetheart" visited my grandparents, faithfully, for quite a long time (a couple of years, I think it was!!) after that, every day to get its saucer of milk! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hillbillies will eat all kinds of things the more civilized wouldn't touch. They like incest a lot too - that explains Philocalist.