Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Your Playboy Centerfold Sausage Is Made

How Your Playboy Centerfold Sausage Is Made, article, photo essay.

"The nipples of Angel Lynn Boris, July Playmate of the Month in 1996, were also unacceptably pert, with a circle around her nipple appearing to lead to 'soften.'"

"Unacceptably pert"? That's a contradiction in terms. There's nothing so sexy as pert nipples.

"...even after a genetic bounty, all-but-certain plastic surgery and dieting, good lighting, a pro-photographer, and dozens of shots, even the fantasy woman is not fantastic enough. Ironically, it's that mentality, and its cookie-cutter sexual sensibility, that's helped make Playboy irrelevant in the years since."

'Nuff said. They simply kill all variety, and with it all life in the photos.

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At 25 Nov 2010, 22:32:00, Anonymous Bruce W said...

And for all that effort, all they end up with is a painted corpse.

At 26 Nov 2010, 09:52:00, Anonymous Henry said...

back in the days when people were creating stuff rather then recording it, I hope creation returns soon, theres very little about these days

At 27 Nov 2010, 00:38:00, Blogger Joe said...

Nature made them beautiful. Photo shop made them *perfect*

At 27 Nov 2010, 01:23:00, Blogger ...........................Ray said...

Now I know for sure what I've suspected for decades - those Playmates are edited, air-brushed, powdered and painted until they all look like plastic imitations of real people. How dare Old Hef tell God how healthy young women should be designed? He's been thinking with the wrong head again.....

At 27 Nov 2010, 08:47:00, Blogger eolake said...

The deception is he called them "the girl next door". Flat out lie.

At 8 Dec 2010, 08:49:00, Anonymous Playboy Playmates said...

She grew up on a farm in somewhereville and you can see the naivete in her entire countenance. I love the fact that her breasts are natural. That just makes me love her more.


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