Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another fifteen minutes

Occasionally I get my fifteen minutes of fame, but it's often for the strangest reasons. It happened again.
It's odd, but Mike's normally very astute and friendly audience just don't seem to really click with the jokes that I and Mike find hilarious. Last time it was the men/women/gadgets/shoes joke, which grated some people   fiercely. This time it seems that a yellow sweater and a pink camera is a red flag (!) to many people. Never would'a thunk it.

The great picture below is only related in that I got it via Mike Johnston from the site linked above.

Caption: "An early photo of me, trying to figure out how to use a large format camera...."  --Emil Schildt


TC [Girl] said...

Congrats! (TOUGH crowd, "over there"!)

eolake said...

Haha, yes, a bit. But then you just have to make fun of somebody who appear as brash as I come over in this case.
Normally they're the greatest readers at tOP.

TC [Girl] said...

Yes I know that you have said that, in the past; hence, why I was a little surprised when I visited.

Anonymous said...

According to QI, pink used to be for dudes, and chicks wore blue. Skip ahead to about 2:42.