Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving thanks

Maybe a day late, but if we say that holidays travel with the sun, not against it, today is when Thanksgiving arrived in Europe...      :-)

Thankfulness was not often my strong side. Only occasionally, for example when I was a kid I was afraid of getting my head under the water, and a slightly older pal coaxed me into learning it, and it turned out that swimming and frolicking underwater became one of my great joys. And I was so thankful to this guy that I told him I loved him until he got embarrassed.
But I'm learning, and I got much to be thankful for, and I'm also learning that it works in reverse too: being thankful provides more to be thankful for, so splurge on it. General thankfulness as a basis of one's outlook on life is a powerful foundation.

Oh, another thing I've learned is that this kind of thing, changing attitudes and thinking, are far from as easy as one would think, but one should not give up, because they change over time, not in quantum leaps.


...........................Ray said...

Canadian Thanksgiving comes about a month ahead of the American version.
That's because we have more to be thankful for, and need to start sooner.

If those Indians had given those Pilgrims a donkey instead of a turkey then right now they'd be enjoying left-over pieces of ass!

TC [Girl] said...

Oh, Ray; you SILLY man! lol! :-)

Tommy said...

Gee, I didn't know they had Thanksgiving in Europe.

But, I guess it's like, do they have a 4th of July in France? :-)

Ray, excellent point! LOL

ttl said...

Gee, I didn't know they had Thanksgiving in Europe.

We don't. Eo is pulling your leg.

TC [Girl] said...

Actually...Eo is more "Americanized" than any other European could ever be; he just hasn't "come home," yet! ;-)