Thursday, March 04, 2010

Amy Acker

Amy Acker played Fred and Illyria, an old god inhabiting Fred's body, on TV show Angel.
Never a hotter costume since vampire Willow on Buffy.


Alex said...

Why didn't you say Whiskey/Claire Saunders in Dollhouse, then I'd remember. She is cuter without all the scars, and can vamp it up quite well.

Still on Season 2 of Buffy, so it'll be some time before I see Angel.

Just rewatched "Nobel Son", I still think that is one of Eliza's better performances.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh ya, I'd forgotten she was in Dollhouse. It was a more subdued role.
(Ain't she just *fit* in the FHM picture...)

Alex said...

"Fit"? Since when did you start talking Lanc? Yup, drink on a stick that one. Though the overall look of that picture just smacks of the 70's. The name Carol or Caroline something drifts into my mind.

In season 1 she was more subdued character, but in the last episode, then in the second season they have more flashes to when she was an active, and also in the last few Rossum start using her in a different role, so she gets to kick some serious ass and do the bondage leathers and lacy numbers too.

Philocalist said...

'The name Carol or Caroline something drifts into my mind'.

Miss Munro perchance?:-) ...

And my word verification? ... 'brabless'! ...just one 'b' away from being entirely appropriate :-)

Alex said...

Yes, I was trying to make it Bouchet, but Munro was probably where I was going.

Barbara Bouchet