Thursday, March 04, 2010


I've just found a very promising "radio" site: ActionExt. I typed in a few random songs, and it had them all, and they just start playing right away. This is easier than using torrent to sample an artist! It seems to get the audio from YouTube videos, and you can get the video full screen by clicking on the tiny video window.
It can also show lyrics, but I haven't figured out how to get it to do that on purpose yet.

You can make playlists for your site:

Create PlaylistPop-out playerDownload music and ringtones

I haven't found out how to edit it yet, Barbra Streisand does not really belong with Sort Sol! (Ah yes, you can edit it by using the address in the "link" section on the page you get after creating the playlist.)

This is so cool, this will make it much easier to share music with my readers, without having to slog through all kinds of lame live and cover versions on YouTube. Even though it gets the content from YouTube. I wonder how they filter them.


Anonymous said...

Their database is impressive. Who would have thought you could find the Fugs. A late 60's band best known for the hit "Do You Wear Your Jock a lot".
This one you may find funny. Search for "boobs a lot". Should be second on the list.

Good Stuff and thanks.

Tommy said...

DAmn, I haven't heard Boobs A Lot in years. Thanks for the GREAT memories.....

jackpeterson said...

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