Friday, December 11, 2009

A xmas song

I hear the singer is considered attractive...

OK, I can see it. But what's up with that scene lighting? There's only light on her face, her body (and those of the pretty backup singers) is hidding in black-on-black. Stupid.

Update:TC[Girl] points to this video of theirs, which shows they are more than just a pretty singer (although this vid does have a little kitty).


Philocalist said...

"But what's up with that scene lighting"
Small stage area, 8(?) performers, and trying to concentrate attention on the lead vocals, perhaps? ... contrasty lighting may have been the only answer.
It also conveniently (almost) hides the backing vocals going on off-camera, in the wings ... which you can spot if you look closely:-)

Alex said...

Hmm, maybe it's meant to be evocative of carol singing, which is traditionally an evening activity and subtly lit.

Anna said...

Eolake, I am so amazed. It seems you are interested by female bodies every single day of the year... You are seeing so many nude pictures, how come you don't get bored ? Guys, tell me, is this normal male attitude, or do you find it amazing too ?

(Sorry for the stupid question... Maybe I am just jealous at somebody having so much passion for what he is dealing with.

TC [Girl] said...

Have you seen their DVD, Eo? I fricken LOVE it!! It's quite COOL; and...DARK and..."smokey;" and...mysterious!! And LOTS of GUITARS and long-haired dudes!! It's AWESOME!! I could only find one sample of what's on that DVD. I think I'll play it Christmas Day! lol! :-P

So...perhaps they were trying to create a similar scene as their DVD(s?) or...whomever was setting up the stage: didn't show up to do his/their job, that day; or...didn't know how many "songbirds" he/they'd have to "light up"! lol! OR...he/they didn't know what he/they was/were doing?! lol!

It does appear that the back-up singer, on the right, is much more "in the dark" (poor girl! lol! ;-) than the other back-up, and, certainly, moreso than the lead singer!!

Durn it! I was hoping that they were going to break into a rockin' good ending to this tune just "fizzled" at the end. It was a nice song but...just missed MORE GUITARS!! Yeah!! :-P

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

TC[Girl], I didn't know this band, if they do rock, maybe it's interesting.

Anna, yeah, it's a bit ridic. Perhaps Russ Meyers was more honest with himself than I am, he admitted it was an obsession.

Phil said...


TSO is fantastic - I've seen them in concert every year for the past 4-5 times.

Their music is a blend of classical, hard rock, and Christmas music combined with a massive stage production with lasers, fire, and lights galore. Some of the main singers have Broadway-quality voices and most of the musicians are straight out of the 70s with music reminiscent of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, etc.

Here's a video of a new singer this year:

Check out some of this guy's other videos. The sound is not so great, but it will give you a general idea of what they're about. Oh, and the electric violinist is from the UK, and she's quite a cutie - Anna Phoebe - Picture here:

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


I love the name Anna Phoebe. It has the rare quality of being unique, and yet easy to learn and remember.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Do they only do xmas music? Extraordinary.
Of course, if it sells like hotcakes, they have half the year off!

Anna said...

> Anna, yeah, it's a bit ridic. Perhaps Russ Meyers was more honest with himself than I am, he admitted it was an obsession.


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Yay, kitty!
I so love cute little pussies. (purrr!)
At one point you can see there's at least two of them, and those adorable little rascals are very playful. :-)

Lovely music, too.

Thanks for the link, TC. You rock, gurrrl.

"You are seeing so many nude pictures, how come you don't get bored ?"
Come on, be honest: would YOU get bored with the Chippendales? I'm hetero, and yet I love how they always give their public a friendly smile to "cherry-on-top" their nice looks.
A great male body is ALSO pleasant to watch. (Admittedly, only if there's no competitive atmosphere! ;-)
I've always been a fan of Tarzan.
Or, maybe, in reality the whole of Tarzan's life has always been a fantasy of mine?
Lots of skinny-dipping with Jane in the earliest movies. ;-)

"Perhaps Russ Meyers was more honest with himself than I am, he admitted it was an obsession."
Why? Are YOU denying it? ;-)
Me, I confess it without remorse: enjoying the pleasant little -or bigger- things in life is WORSE than an obsession to me: it's like the air I breathe!

Now, if you'll excuse me, my own private pussy has just arrived home. Dripping wet.
(Blame only yourself! What came over you, to insist on going out just as a storm was starting? Okay, come here, baby, give Daddy a hug.)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I have *been* denying it. Surely I do not have obsessions!
But I'm changing.

TC [Girl] said...

Pascal said...
"Lovely music, too."

Yeah...I LOVE their music!! I think it's AWESOME!! :-P

"Thanks for the link, TC."

You're welcome! GLAD you liked it, Pascal! :-)

"You rock, gurrrl."

Thanks!! I LOVE ROCK music!! :-P One of TWO of *my* "obsessions" this vid, alone!! (and I'm not referring to any "kitty" neither...even though Eo and your references...and the actually "little buggers"...are cute! lol!) ;-)

"I'm hetero..."

As am I and, even so, always think that pictures taken, beautifully, to appreciate "the human form" - male or female - are something to "behold"! I don't get tired of appreciating either form and the Masterful Craftsman Who Created them. ;-)