Friday, December 11, 2009

The Dying Swan 1917

[Thanks to Jim]


BHJ said...

Wonderful. I was a violinist in my youth. The music is beautiful. The ballerina -- I kept waiting for her toes to collapse.

The dedication of these artists is awesome.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

No kidding, it's ridiculous. There was a photoshoot of a famous (Russian?) ballerina last year, and a close-up on her toes: they are in total ruin.

TC [Girl] said...

Who would have thought watching a "swan" die could look that beautiful! So SAD! :-( I gotta go clear the lump in my throat! Seriously! (BTW...yes...the music was probably what "did me in." VERY BEAUTIFUL, INDEED!!)

Thanks, Eo!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I've always felt that those tiptoe movements in ballet weren't worth the effort. They don't look half as nice as they hurt. This mere thought ruins for me all enjoyment of that "cruel beauty". Blame my natural empathy.

What's wrong with NORMAL tiptoe movements, the ones that all ladies shoes (yet another absurd torture device) keep attempting to equate... in vain?
The 21st Century's corsets are worn on the feet. :-(

For the rest, classical dancing is tops. I'll never forget that bit, in Fantasia, with the ostriches and crocodiles and female hippos.
(I would have added a mention of the whales in the sequel, but these simply had the natural grace of whales. Awesome, but for different reasons. The pink flamingoes were kewl, though. :-)

I discovered the beauty of ballet music thanks to Fantasia. That's something you don't forget.
Aah, that flowery Nutcracker!...
I still regularly see those images in my dreams.

TC [Girl] said...

Pascal said...
"What's wrong with NORMAL tiptoe movements..."

I agree, Pascal, as Laurie - so beautifully - displays in his work.