Friday, December 11, 2009

Teachers caught nekkid

[Thanks to Joe]
Two female teachers caught naked together in empty classroom. Article.

They say investigation is pending and nothing has been decided, but you will notice that people are already talking about the two popular teachers in the past tense. They know they will never see them again.

Again this intense fear of anything sexual. They weren't hurting anybody. Instead of ruining their careers, the janitor should just have leaned against the wall for a leisurely look (very pretty women both), and then said: "Come on, that's stupid, you're in public, some people might get upset. Go home or to a motel. Wait, will you pose for an iPhone photo?"


Tommy said...

A quote from the article, "Janitor Robert Colantuoni refused to comment Tuesday. "I can't talk about it, I'm sorry," he said. "

What the hell is wrong with people? Did these two make a bad decision, yes? Should they have held it for later, yes? etc. Were they endangering anyone, no.

But, now these two teacher careers have been ruined. The janitor should be sorry as well as the school officials for over reacting to the situation. This did not need to go where these people took it. We now have 2 less educators, which is very sad indeed.

Joe said...

This is a situation where there is no *victim*. It hard to understand the crime.

However the authorities feel the need to punish someone.

Seems the janitor could have been more tolerant and simply closed the door and walked on.

The Dissonance said...

Reminds me of when my school counselor caught me and a girl alone in a practice room. I suspect someone had told him. He gave us Hell for 3 minutes and then let us go. Very effective as we took our shenagans elsewhere. Could have been a lot worse.

But it does seem rather cavalier for instructors to do in school. Makes you wonder about their ability to do the right thing as they are in a position of responsibility.

And where do you draw the line; I feel for the school and board, but the decision looks to be a slam dunk. The teachers will have to learn another trade.

dave nielsen said...

Were I the janitor, I'd have just taken in the sight. They look pretty hot in that photo. But it is the U.S., maybe he's got something against hot lezbo action. He'd be about the only dude in the world who does.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

You'd think so. I know I thought so, until I found out that this market is less than 20% of the overall market, and apparently most people prefer to have dudes in their erotica.

dave nielsen said...

That's surprising.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"We now have 2 less educators, which is very sad indeed."
America doesn't need any educators. All it needs is paedophile priests and preachers. Oh, and trigger-happy war-mongers!

Sometimes, I do feel that education is wasted on such a hysterical, psychotic nation.
But then, "I think of the children". :-P

I intensely recomment that everybody reading this go vote on the article for leniency. It MIGHT have an effect of these "popular" (I quote) teachers, and the vote is currently tight.

I just wish there was a link to vote for firing that janitor. On psychiatric grounds!!! Really, WTF is WRONG with this guy? I mean here's a man who happens to discover two PRETTY women having sweet hot nekkid sex, he's alone to enjoy the scene without any judging eyes, and to use the French expression, instead "he hocks a loogie in the soup".
Honestly, I think this guy is dangerously insane.
Either that, or it was a revenge after he tried groping one of the women and got told off. Not unlikely!

"But it does seem rather cavalier for instructors to do in school."
It does. But extreme and unusual punishment bothers me far more.
I bet if top administrators had been molesting students in secluded locations, the same "saints" would have hastily covered it up, "for the sake of the reputation of the school", as is typically witnessed.
The "Crime" of these two women probably was that, precisely, THERE WAS no victim, therefore the school was not guilty of grossly betraying its fundamental mission, therefore it could without problem play the mediatic holier-than-thou blame game.

"[Ms.] Mauro [...] has an array of sexy tattoos: a sun on her lower back, a flower on her leg, and a star on her foot."
A sun, a flower, and (gasp) a STAR? Why, that's not sexy, that's plain pornographic!
Everybody knows what THESE mean.
All that's missing is a bee over that flower to spell "murderous sex fiend".

Even worse, "Brito was a teacher students would come to with problems."
So... getting intimate and helpful with the students, eh? That should earn them the Chair. At the very least!
"We are NOT here to help students with their problems. Our sole role is to give them tests and grade them like we were robots."

"And she was friendly, not flirty, just friendly."
Now, this alone is literally a confession of abnormality. What terrible, twisted pulsions must lie under that overly normal and balanced exterior? Undoubtedly.

OK, I'm tired of sarcasm.
"Don't forget to vote."
Who knows, we might actually contribute to help them not get lapidated in the Mecca Public Square. (It's standard sanction for homosexuals in friendly Saudi Arabia...)

Oh, and this is really the last straw. "Topic-related" ads on the article:
"Exotic Asian Girls
Fun, Friends & Romance. Join For FREE."

Is it even legal for me to click on that link if I'm a woman? :-P