Friday, December 11, 2009

Still queasy after all these years

It seems that having just entered middle age, part of my position is to think up sayings which involve aging. Well, at least it so happened that two occurred to me today:

Still queasy after all these years.


Youth is wasted on the wasted young.


Tommy said...

Oh to be young again...wait, that's already been taken I think.

So EO, what is middle age? Today's my birthday and let's just say that I'm over middle age, but inside I'm still 15..

eolake said...

Traditionally it is 40 to 60, but due to people living longer now, it's been pushed back to 45 til 65. And I'm 46, so that makes me new-born middle-aged.

Tommy said...

In this case you have just made me middle aged. I feel rejuvinated, uplifted, alive, etc., etc.

Wait a minute, time for a nap ;-)

Michael Burton said...

A misspent youth is a joy forever.

(Not original, but I don't know who said it first.)