Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miss Piggy on Scrubs

I love that the Scrubs stars (unlike many guests on Muppet Show back when) play it absolutely deadpan.

The one below must have taken a ton of work. So far as I can see, it's the sound track from an episode of Scrubs, with bits of Charlie Brown retrofitted and synchronized to fit it. Don't you think?

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At 19 Nov 2008, 18:04:00, Anonymous David said...

Actually, the Charlie Brown Christmas clip was created by two crew members with members of the cast reading their own parts.

From Wikipedia: "In addition, a special called "My Charlie Brown Christmas" was created by Daniel Russ and Ryan Levin for the Scrubs 2003 Christmas party, it is a re-cut and re-dub of A Charlie Brown Christmas, starring the cast of Scrubs"

At 20 Nov 2008, 00:01:00, Blogger eolake said...

Thank you very much.

At 21 Nov 2008, 17:42:00, Blogger Alex said...

Thanks for sharing. Good fun stuff. I want to see the remake of The Easter Beagle.


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